Common Kindle Fire Charger Problems

A common frustration that customers experience is buying a kindle fire and when they open up the box, they find that the charger is missing. Well, some other people buy the right device and its charger, but experience numerous problems. This article will explain some of the common kindle fire charger problems that customers experience. In the current days, there are numerous positive feedbacks regarding kindle fire. Nevertheless, just like other devices, a kindle fire has its downside. These problems will help you in detecting a problem as early as possible and get assistance immediately. Here are some problems and their possible solutions:

Kindle Fire Charger Problems and Solutions

Overheating – some of the customers have provided information regarding issues of kindle fire overheating while surfing the internet, watching movies or playing games. Most of the extreme scenarios are that the overheating lead to shutting down of the tablet. When you insert a case on your device, you will notice that the problem is changing from bad to worse. Therefore, you should try ejecting it and checking the difference. Every tablet heats up when in use, but when you find that the kindle fire is shutting down or uncomfortably heating then you should know that you have kindle fire charger problems. The solution to overheating problem is getting a replacement from your reliable company.

Failure to starts up or freezing while in use – some users experience freezes while using their kindle fire while other testify that the device fails to power on. There are possible solutions to such kindle fire charger problems. For instance, you can try embracing the button power for at least twenty seconds. When the gadget gets absolutely off, plug in your kindle charger and switch power on to switch on the gadget. If you suspect that the charger is dead then you can let it gain charge for at least one hour before switching it on.

Failure for email to update or work – several customers has encountered kindle fire charger problems while trying to make their emails update or work. For instance, some testify that the email works for some time then inexplicably stops. Other customers say that the email cannot work completely no matter what they try out. The solution to such a problem involves trying a free email app or purchase one.

Failure for the kindle fire to charge – the owners of kindle fire raise the problems related to failure of the battery to charge. The complaints range from partial charge, absolute refusal to slow charge. Well, when you notice such a problem, there are several actions that you can take before contacting customer service. For instance, you can hold the power button down for at least twenty seconds in order to switch off and attempt plugging the charger in. you should make sure that the charger that you are using is the one that you got for the kindle fire in order to solve such common kindle fire charger problems.